From broken eardrum to broken toe

July 31, 2009

Wow, bad blogger….long time no post.

So its not completely my fault…I need to get the pictures sent and then I will update with fun posts about the round the world trip.

In the meantime lets fast forward to right now!

So I came back to Boston a month ago. It was great to see Sonia and Jonathan, I am temporarily staying with them. I call myself their practice child…and they call me babyK…its working out great =)



My first weekend here was a treat because Amelia and my mom (coincidentaly) were both visiting.

We met up with Aran and it was like old times….add a little too much wine and you get Aran kicking me and breaking my toe (im sure a lot of love was also put into the toe…he is gonna kill me for writing that it was him on the blog…love ya aran!)

Karlita 003

Karlita 032

Karlita 005

My time was therefore spent with my little toe up and searching for jobs and apartments. I have successfully found a cute little place in Davis square AND a chemistry teaching job in Lawrence. Success!

About a week later dad came by and we visited Maine…finally! id never been to the land of Jonathan. It was a lovely family vacation and I cant wait to go backĀ  now that the toe is cured (almost) to pick blueberries in Maine and help Nancy (jonathans mom) with her garden.


Lots of lovely dinners with dad…its great to go to restaurants and be able to eat! there are so many vegetarian options everywhere…mmm…and lots of wine of course..( see below for intrigued karla trying to read the menu without glasses)





Lots of fun things in between…like watching the new Harry Potter which was great! (haha thats us below at the movie theater on opening day…WAY too excited)


Also got a new bike named Bruna who is white and pink and really fun to ride around…

This weekend we are going to Vermont….but first stopping by the REI member sale and buying everything in sight!

Enjoy summer everyone…lots of love from Cambridge. ah almost forgot…here is the broken toe



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