The Grampians

April 11, 2009

First and foremost. One of my life questions has been answered. Are koalas as cute as they look in pictures?????

YES!!! THEY ARE EVEN CUTER!!!!! Me looking at Koalas….in the wild…didnt wanna pay for one of those koala zoo stories. SO glad I got to see the little guys.

We drove down to the Grampians in 2 days. On the way you pass the Fruit Fly zone…which means you cant bring any fruit. I had to get rid of my massive stock of bananas so I ate them…felt a bit sick after since they werent ripe enough.

The Grampians is quite big and FULL of kangaroos. The first day I was uber exctied and screaming. After 2 days it was like…”oh look another 34 kangaroos next to the car…”. But they are pretty cool little dudes.

Most important tip for the Grampians for weakling climbers such as myself: bring trad gear! The sport routes at the Grampians in the lower grades are few, sandbagged and sparcely bolted.

If you climb 7b and up you will be in sandstone heaven.

Etienne (the french climber we met at the blueys) met us down there and we went to Taipan wall. Wow, what an impressive piece of rock.

We headed over to The Gallery, which is also quite famous. I dont know which one looks cooler, they are quite different. I cant speak for the climbing since i cant do these routes but they are both impressive.

The Grampians are really nice, just a bit dry, so there is nowhere to swim etc. If you are dying for a shower go to a hotel in Horsham and they will let you shower for a few buck.

I wouldnt bother with the guidebook, get your info online at or

There are lovely campsites in the national park,  Mt Stapylton Campground is good for Taipan wall and Van Diemens Land and Buandik Campground for the Gallery and other southern crags.

Etienne decided to join us on our trip to Tasmania. On the way to Melbourne to catch the ferry to Tassie we drove the Great Ocean Road. Its very pretty and all,..but im not a big fan of driving and stopping, then looking at something pretty and getting back in the car. Im sure you could hike it and it would be a cooler experience.

We reinstated the family dinners inside Etienne’s Wicked Camper.

We boarded the Spirit of Tasmiania ferry and sneaked up to the closed bar on the top deck with our sleeping bags. Travel dirtbag style.

Next up..Tasmania!