Welcome to Australia – Sydney

March 31, 2009

After a layover in Singapore we arrived in Sydney airport really tired but super excited!

Beau (Richards Aussie friend) and his family picked us up and said “Our friend has a small studio apartment in North Sydney were you can stay”

We were amped! So we drive to the small apartment and its a boathouse on the water with the most amazing view – the postcard view- of Sydney, Harbor Bridge and Opera house!!!


This is the view from our window!!!

Wow- what an amazing welcome to Australia! The owner is Toni , this really cool greek guy that does lots of work with aboriginal kids. He took us out on his boat and showed us around, I cant believe how nice him and Beau have been to us! THANK YOU!

The boathouse!


The next day we met up with Gavin – Richard’s dad- who drove his car all the way from Tasmania so we could use it and flew back the same day! What a tiger! Not only did Richard’s parents lend us their ganster car but they left 3 BOXES of south african wine in it!!!! THANK YOU!

Richard bought some japanese carpentry tools while we were in Spain from a guy in Sydney- so we headed to his house to make him and his wife a paella. So and Fumiko had us over at their place like we had known them for years- we even slept in their futon so Richard wouldnt drive with wine in his system. Yay! We have friends in Australia!!!


A couple days later we had a soba noodle party at the boathouse….and drank a lot of south african wine – Thanks again Gavin and Karin!

So we took the ferry to Sydney, ate at Chinatown, walked around and saw a surf comp in Bondi beach and we were ready for the mountains.

So chapter 1 of Australia has been nothing but love and hospitality, thanks again everyone, I am overwhelmed. If you look at a newspaper and think of all the wars and bad things that happen in the world you lose hope in humanity. Receiving so much kindness from near strangers gives me so much hope in human nature.

Welcome to the land down UNDAH!


2 Responses to “Welcome to Australia – Sydney”

  1. ecotoad said

    que pasada de boat house
    que peazo de vista
    que gente MAS maja
    y que maravilla
    eso es vida, como te dicho en flikr,pufff
    sigue disfrutando

  2. ecotoad said

    y que majo el padre de richi
    flipo que se fue el mismo dia!
    me encanta tu blog, quiero maaaaaaaaas, jeje

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