The Blue Mountains

March 31, 2009

(forgive me for rambling in this post – i am way too excited!)

After dreaming so much about the Blue Mountains we finally arrived last week. Its as fairytale like as I had imagined.


The new guidebook by Simon Carter et al reminds me heaps (haha I’m a local already with the lingo!) of the Red River Gorge guidebook. When we ran into Simon ( he is an amazing photographer- check out his site and Monique at a crag they said it was inspired by the Red’s guidebook, they were also very helpful as we picked their brains for crag info.


The rope we are using is Cristina’s, her mom Pilar gave it to us and it feels like Cris is climbing with us all around the world.

The guidebook said there were Free camping spots, we were a bit skeptical  but very happy to find our completely free and legal campground in Megalong valley road-  there are a couple others, we just saw this one first and decided to stay.


The little village of Blackheath is so cute, it has a little veggie shop, cute cafes and  the people are incredibly friendly. The climbing here is very similar to the red. Sandstone with iron formations – overhanging walls, pumpy and fun!

On our second day here we ran into Mitch who is one of the developers (of climbing) in the Blueys and he has been giving us advice every morning.

and…YES I HAVE SEEN KANGAROOS! There are also parrot like birds (cant remember their name!!)  which look really cool- and the gum trees are funny to see- I’m used to them in Florida were they are an invasive species- so its nice to see them in their natural habitat. We have Francesca, our little pet-basil plant that keeps the car smelling nice and our tummies happy.


The car has served us well…we even slept in it the other night!!


Toni (boathouse owner) told us his carpenter Andy lived nearby and would give us a call to meet up. WOW, Andy invited us over for dinner and a much needed shower and his wife and daughters were so welcoming and kept insisting for us to stop by again for a movie a shower or dinner….how lucky are we???

So after a week of climbing….I have a major climbing bug. We are taking a rest day today because my fingertips are on the verge of bleeding and its pouring down rain outside. Hence the massive blog catch up!

Still feeling completely out of shape but its so fun to see the improvements!

My favorite sector at the moment is the Freezer. There are easier things for little Karla and hard things for Richard – who is cranking almost back to normal. This little traverse is called the Log of Death Traverse at the Freezer, it separates the easier from the harder climbs.


I am usually not so amped about down-climbing chains or crossing things like this – but I have been liking them in the Blueys.

The hikes into the climbing areas are always fun…


We have another week here, a couple days in Sydney and then we are off to Melbourne and the Grampians! See you then!



3 Responses to “The Blue Mountains”

  1. ecotoad said

    pati gracias por subir estos posts
    los voy a estar mirando estos dias varias veces
    que bonitas las blue mountais, es precioso
    y el log ese no es peligroso bebe?
    es un precipicio?? que miedo no?
    ten cuidado bebi porfa

  2. Mama said

    Hola mi amorcito. Que pasada de fotos y que bonito es todo eso. Que increible que estuvierais en un boat la primera noche!!! que fuerte!!! que maravilla!! la verdad es que con lo increible que eres claro que la gente te va a querer y dar todo lo que tienen, yo haria lo mismo por ti y Richard, sois un amor los dos.
    La otra noche tuve un suenyo malo, y tu eras parte de el, pero como te dijo tu amiga, creo que te he dado muchos anyos mas de vida. Cuidate mucho por favor que tengo muchas ganas de verte.
    Te quiero mucho

  3. raul said

    hola guapos
    he mirado las fotos y poco mas pq no entiendo ni papa.
    seguir disfrutando como se os ve
    un abrazo muy grand a los dos

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