South Africa- part 2

March 31, 2009

So for the first month in South Africa the ongoing thing was: We are leaving Monday for Montagu….haha… when it finally happened- after visas, and all the activities I mentioned in the last post were done- I didn’t really believe it…

We arrived in Montagu (climbing area 2 hours from Capetown) and headed for Lola’s farm. Lola is this lovely South African lady that lives in the middle of the little Karoo in a farm . From Montagu we drove 1.5 hours in a dirt road and arrived in the most remote place I’ve ever slept. The dust in the road was so crazy i put on a little Egyptian style wrap!


We ended up spending 4 days with Lola- first because the place is so peaceful and magical and second because my tonsils were the size and color of golf balls- yikes.


After lots of reading, braais, potjiekos and herbal remedies I was ready to climb.

Climbing again was quite a wake up call, lets just say that 3 months off does not make your muscles any stronger. The campground in Montagu is great, lots of grass, shade and the owners are climbers. We spent a few days there hiding from the scortching heat and then headed to Rocklands.


Rocklands is the world’s biggest bouldering area and is in the Cederberg region where there is also lots of trad climbing and some sport.

I had seen tons of pictures of this place and heard that its really impressive to drive in and see a field of boulders that goes forever. It didn’t prepare me for how majestic it is. There are a million shapes and sizes of boulders and the vegetation feels like being in the wild west.


We drove to the campground and met the cool owner who said “Well, the campground is empty so just pick a spot”.

Hmm….empty campground in one of the worlds best bouldering spots can only mean one thing.

Really really HOT…so hot in fact that we couldn’t even sleep. So after three days we went back to Capetown….So there was no need to leave earlier to climb more, the fact is that climbing in the South African summer isnt that much fun. We knew it wasn’t ideal, but that is when we had to start the trip – maybe next time we get more climbing done!


We said goodbye to all the lovely Capetonians and headed for J’burg (Johannesburg) to visit Richard’s other aunt and cousin – Yvonne and Bridget. Wow, I’m still not used to how hospitable and loving everyone has been with us, we had 5 star treatment and tour of the city- thank you!


We went to the Cradle of Mankind museum and caves with Bridget and her boyfriend Michael- they are both environmental scientists so we had a full day of rambling which is always good!


One last braai and we were headed for the airport.



One Response to “South Africa- part 2”

  1. ecotoad said

    pero como molan las fotos!!!!??
    estoy flipando
    que pasada de paisajes, como mola rocklands!
    y que maravilla la granja de lola…pufff
    que suerte de ir a todos estos sitios tan maravillosos beba y de conocer a gente tan agradable y tan hospitalaria
    disfruta beba

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