Happy 2009

January 1, 2009

wow, the countdown is almost over!

15 days left in Barcelona.

Today we are moving out of our apartment to Victor’s house for the remainder of our time in the city. If my ear is fully healed I might get to have a climbing escapade…Montgrony, Margalef, Siurana….oh no…my hands are sweating just thinking about it.

Catalunya is having an unusually cold winter that has left a lotĀ  (for here) of snow in the mountains, so maybe a ski trip is more appropriate.

I have had a fantastic year thanks to all the love I have gotten..sentimental recap of 2008 below!!

Having my dad close, healthy, seeing him happy and glowing at my sisterĀ“s wedding.

Having my sister close and visiting her in Boston, seeing her glow at her wedding and skype always keeping us in touch…the two sistas and the bru…

skype cuakispicture-15


Seeing my best friend Aran in Boston after he made an INCREDIBLE recovery after his accident, he is stronger than he knows…


Taking climbing trips with our fantastic friends.


Finding bivy spots…

bivycavall bernat bivac

Missioning with the train to ski.


Having Cristina in my life, for a short time but intensely filled with love, climbing trips and friendship.

cristina en margalefpulsos

Remembering Cristina, in Montserrat and Margalef.

Montserrat-remembering crismargalef remembering cris

and of course…having Richard next to me, taking care of me and always making me laugh!


I feel so lucky.

New years resolutions?

-To take care of my health

-To be loving, patient and understanding

-To be self-aware and live in the moment

-To climb more and to run further

I can’t wait for this year’s adventures….remember to savor them…life is short!

A big big new years hug to everyone!

What are YOUR new years resolutions?