Eardrum- burst

December 21, 2008

So this really shows you, don’t take your health for granted.

I had plans to be skiing in Andorra right now, to spend Christmas climbing….but the lovely bacteria now installed in my left tonsil and ear had other plans….

I woke up last Monday with an excruciating pain in my left ear.

Exhibit A: Ear


Veredict: Burst Eardrum.

Now, for those of you that immediatly go into thoughts of scuba diving, bombs exploding or someone blatantly punching my ear let me clear this up-I didnt do anything!! It burst thanks to the bacteria in my tonsil, yikes. I had no clue this was even possible. I am beyond happy that this isn’t serious and that i am actually really lucky in life in excellent health.

So, fully loaded with antibiotics, I am now healing, planning for the upcoming trip, cooking and reading my favorite blogs.

I love food blogs for cooking ideas. Here are some links for your inspiration:

www.katheats.com Goddess of creating fun healthy meals and my personal fave blog.

www.fitnessista.com Super fitness instructor, always funny.

http://sweeteatsny.com I come here to drool over Candle Cafe meals and waffle breakfasts.

www.vegandad.blogspot.com Best fake meat recipes in the planet.

http://carrotsncake.com/ Balancing health and treats in Boston.

and of course…I also visit climbing sites:

www.skalada.wordpress.com My friend Oskar’s climbing adventures.

www.8a.nu Guilty pleasure of climbing news and ranking….

http://coletteloc.com Colette’s climbing blog, super strong chick.

http://www.daniandrada.blogspot.com Spanish bolting and climbing maquina.

http://www.ethanpringle.com Uber-Strong, vegan, cute.

So just in case you are confined to your bed, biting your nails, wishing to climb and run like me, or simply sitting at your desk procrastinating…i think i left you with enough entertainment.

and if you wanted climbing pictures…fine fine…here is the REAL DEAL

Richard on Iron Man in Rodellar, Spain

Richard climbing Iron Man in Rodellar by Mauricio Fuertes

I hope the next post is climbing related!!!


3 Responses to “Eardrum- burst”

  1. patita said

    que bien que ya te encuentres mejor
    me encantan tus posts!! 😀
    (biting your nails, jajaj)

  2. Stew said

    I didnt know horses could climb??

    • kaiste said

      hahaha i guess they have a special breed in south africa
      i hear molemen can be good climbers when they stop chasing women ; )

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