December 5, 2008


We recently took a 2 week climbing vacation in Catalunya.

This was made possible because of Victor. He let us use his car. He rocks. 

After much deliberation (as usual with climbing trip planning), we started in Tres Ponts and Perles.


Soon we were chased away by the fog and cold and we moved to warmer territory: Margalef.





The more I visit this conglomerate paradise, the more I fall in love with it. Thanks to Jordi, refuge keeper and Margalef equipping master, Margalef has gone from a small town to an internationally renown climbing paradise.


We moved on to the less known Mont-ral and spent a few days “camped” at the football field. We visited the legendary Mont-ral organic bakery: whole wheat goodness packed breads and muffins that created fireworks in our mouths. We were energized and ready for more.




We spent a night in an Ermita (old church) where a lovely nun has been living alone for the past 14 years. She was kind enough to offer her porch as shelter from the strong wind. These things make me happy I don’t have enough money for hotels. How boring would that have been? Instead we were sheltered by the nun- priceless.





Siurana´s homey campground was calling our name, and hence we headed for the world famous cliffs. As usual, the place was filled with climbers from all over the world. While drinking wine at the bar we met 2 kiwis, Sarah and Matt:


Sarah is adventurous, smart and spunky. (hehe, see pic below)


Matt is incredibly sweet and well….an elf (the gorgeous lord of the rings type).



Just see for yourselves:






Hence, the warm wine and braais parties were started.


Warm wine attracts fun climbers, and so it did. Kalman (Chris), Jess, Gwen and Teague aka Team America joined us and we were off to Margalef (once more).






Its so nice to have strong and fun girls to climb with and learn from.







Saying goodbye was sad, but I am so happy to have met them all. They will show up in this blog again when we go visit them! That’s right! We get top of the line tours of New Zealand and Rocky Mountain National Park.



How lucky are we? Those are the 2 places we did not know ANYONE. The itinerary was completed and the warm wine parties will be reenacted. 


41 days….but who’s counting?



4 Responses to “”

  1. Nuno said

    woo hooo!!!

    Sounds like a cool trip. If you could do this in just 2 weeks, the big trip is going to be… bigger!

    Oh, one thing, your muffins are awsome!!!!!!

    Kudos for ya!

  2. patita said

    pero como mola tu blog!!???

    mola MUCHO karla

    creo que me hare adicta!! mas que al de kath!

    las fotos, espectaculares!!!

    te quierooo!!

    ps-first twi almost done!! hohoho

  3. K. said

    Que fotos más guapas 🙂

    Eso sí, no sé si me va a dar pereza leerlo en inglés, ¡¡escribes demasiado bien!!! Si al menos usaras palabras de parvulario como yo… 😉

  4. Gwen said

    COME VISIT US!!! I will be in Estes aka Rocly MTN National Park. I am recovering from a knee thing, don’t know what it is but it better be better by this spring. looks like you guys are having so much fun, jealous!!!!

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