let the countdown begin

December 1, 2008

A countdown seems like a good choice for a first post.

A 7 week countdown to my round the world climbing trip.

Living in the city of Barcelona has brought many joys, the first being RIchard, my boyfriend and travel partner. I have met many other fantastic people and visited many climbing areas in Catalunya, so why leave?

The fire was started by a very harmless spark: Richard has not seen his family in 3 years. Away from South Africa, his family and his friends, living in Spain, unable to leave – until now.

Visiting his parents and brother who have immigrated to Australia was one part, but going to his native South Africa where his aunt, grandma, cousins and friends live was also essential. So why not turn this adventure into a round the world trip.

Hence, the fire was lit.


The link to circumnavigate the globe is the force that pulls me stronger than any other, my other half, my lovely sister. She is glowing like the newlywed she is and living in Cambridge, MA. That will be our final stop.

The itinerary has a shape, but the path will surely change with our footsteps.

London-South Africa-Australia- New Zealand- Japan- United States- London

I plan to visit friends,make new ones, eat vegetarian delights, climb sandstone, quartzite, granite, conglomerate, limestone and many trees.

I must not forget to be kind to others, happy, safe, love, keep my eyes open and live in the moment.

I dedicate this blog to my dear friend Cristina Gomez, she died climbing in Montserrat this July.

I leave you with a taste of our recent climbing trip, an appetizer to our future adventures.



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